Monday, 7 February 2011

Love is just a four-letter word

This evening, I am predictably knackered. It's weird - when I'm actually at work, time flies and I'm always surprised to find it's the end of the day, but by the time I begin my commute home, all the unnoticed hours catch up with me. It's better than the other way round, I suppose. 

Today was a lot quieter - there was only one other person in our desk cul-de-sac when I got in (early, you'll be proud to hear!) and he was outraged that I should have to be in on a Sunday. A couple more people made it in, including the other girl who I have most to do with, who I will call Olivia, because she looks a bit like an Olivia even though it is not in fact her name. I worked through a big pile of papers, cutting them up as usual, then it was mostly coming up with stuff for Tuesday's Register page, proofreading things for tomorrow and learning the phone system. Luckily, my first-ever caller was a very matter-of-fact old man who phones in all the time and so knows the system, so it was very easy. Three obituary-worthy deaths came to our very small team's attention today, and caused varying degrees of panic. 

I would now like to muse about love, or, more specifically, Valentine's Day. 

Almost no one I have spoken to about this most expensively romantic of days has been excited. In fact, most people have told me they hate it. It seems a bit extreme to hate a day, even if it has been commercialised or what have you. I theorise that people who hate Valentine's Day fall into 17 distinguishable categories:

1. Single people who feel it puts pressure on them to be in a relationship/justify their lack of significant other

2. People in relationships who feel it puts pressure on them to be better at their relationship

3. People with hayfever who are suddenly ambushed by roses on all sides

4. People who say they hate the commercialism but will happily buy gimmicky cards and other such tat for other occasions

5. People in too many relationships who are worried it's going to get them caught

6. Matadors

7. Single people who want their friends to stop trying to set them up with people

8. People in relationships who really want to break up but haven't found the right time to say so yet

9. People who hate everything on principle

10. Pedantic heart surgeons

11. People whose other halves have expensive tastes

12. People who find dining out intimidating

13. People who don't like overly fancy chocolates but now have to pretend to enjoy them

14. People who don't like champagne

15. People who have never been romanced/wined and dined/surprised with scattered rose petals/serenaded/the star of an 80s teen flick

16. Waiters

17. People who are friends with couples

I think that just about covers it. Personally, I don't hate Valentine's Day - it is rendered pretty obsolete by being only a few days after the boyf's birthday, which is much more important. I can understand why people don't like it, but you only have such a strong reaction if it means something to you, surely?

Also, I watched the film Valentine's Day, and not only did it present a very unrealistic view of relationships in general (not to mention American airport security), I couldn't help but notice that in the process of getting their happy endings, the main characters managed to ruin a lot of other people's Valentine's Days (especially that florist guy). The scene with all those flowers and vases and so forth scattered across the road and abandoned was an example of poor customer service that would make Mary Portas' nostrils turn white.

Glad that's cleared that up!

Going to sleep now, before all the good dreams are taken.


P.S.: Yes, you may be jealous of my reclaimed-jumper paperweight from Shetland!


  1. Haha I love your reasons for not liking Valentine's day...the hay fever one was my favorite ;)
    I don't hate it, but I don't love it either

  2. ive not celebrated it for a long, long time.

  3. Ooh I'm definitely a type 2 hater! 9 and 10 cracked me up though :D