Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Short but sweet

Got home quite late tonight and am therefore predictably tired. Also my wrists are sore, because today I added typing up letters to my list of jobs, and the computers have special orthopaedic keyboards or something which have really stiff keys which are prone to sticking (especially the delete key, for some reason). I wouldn't say I am the world's fastest typist, but today was just embarrassing!

On the plus side, I experienced another journalistic perk today, as Cat gave me this as I was leaving:

A thing of beauty
It's a chocolate fondue set. Now I just have to stock up on marshmallows and fruit and decide which of my friends I like the most!

In the interests of repaying this kind corporate gifting,  I should say that chocolate is always nice, and chocolate named after a famous naked lady is bound to be romantic on Valentine's Day. 

A very happy birthday to Jumanji, who is pretty awesome and deserves to be celebrated (just as soon as I have time/money/both!).

Right, bedtime is imminent, so it's goodnight for now from me!


  1. Ohhhh yummy! Love your background btw :)

  2. GODIVA chocolate <3 omg best present ever!

    F. ( x

  3. i think ferrero rochers are better chocolate!

  4. AHHHH I want to you your chocolatehotpot feast *o* Godiva is GODDD

  5. That looks amazing! How do I follow you? Love your blog by the way xx

  6. If only I could share them with you all! (...I might stop eating the chocolate buttons every time I wander past them in the kitchen)

    Flashes of Style: Thanks! Sadly, it cuts out the most useful middle section, but let's just pretend I'm an inveterate Londoner and know it off by heart!

    Yajaira: I'm also a fan of the ambassador's favourites, but these were free!

    Christina: I'm on blogger, so... probably the bit at the top? That's what I always click.