Thursday, 24 February 2011


Nothing new really happened today. The computer system lost an obituary, and a man phoned up to ask about it. That was kind of the highlight. I did quite a lot of phoning, relatively speaking.

I've decided on my dream job! I want to write for guidebooks and take an all-expenses-paid holiday every week and email back my observations and ramblings. And I want to be very well-paid for it. I'm talking four houses and a jet-ski. I can dream!

In other news, the new big Channel 4 documentary series, The Agency, is not that exciting. I might give it another chance, but I was off doing other things within ten minutes this evening. I suppose I'm just not interested in models. Also, the office reminded me too much of work. They have the same phones! Not that I don't love newspapering, but I prefer to leave it in Wapping!

I'm very, very tired, so I'm going to go to bed now.



  1. Good that youve settled on your job :D

  2. Dear K, I wanted to blog about The Agency but I know I'll probably get into trouble. I used to work for Premier. I didn't enjoy it at all as lots of crying 15 year olds is not my idea of fun. They so know the cameras are around and are acting accordingly. Maybe they'll get used to it more in later episodes. Annie doesn't always cry that much and Paul is always making funny remarks. Carole and Chris are both vile, spoilt people that yell a lot and are only interested in money. They're in litigation with the production over the last four episodes. They must have signed it over so I hope we see what they're really like!

    I must make more effort to come and visit your blog more often. Have a good weekend xx

  3. I suspected as much, but it's awesome to get the inside track! I'll keep watching it, then!

    One question: do they really smoke as much as the programme makes it seem?