Friday, 11 February 2011

The zebra stripes of doom

Today I bring you a website I found on my travels which illustrates what a cosmopolitan world it is out there: Lady MacSnood - Maker of Fine Handmade Snoods Yes, you read that right. Actually, the snoods do look pretty good quality, and it is nice to know that there is somewhere to find them should I ever need one. Maybe for am-dram or something...

Today was much like the other days of this week (I'm sure everyone must be getting very bored of my lists), except there was archive work! This was quite exhausting, because while the online archive provides a copy-and-paste-able text version of newspapers from the Olden Days, which is very useful for modern-day purposes, the papers have been scanned by a device which doesn't always appreciate the minor quirks and eccentricities of old newsprint. I spent quite a long time going through page after page changing all the 'c's back to 'e's, the 'li's to 'h's and the 'ni's to 'm's. There was some pretty interesting stuff in there though - advice in a 1920s newspaper never to pick a bridesmaid who was 'plain of face, or worse, ugly of figure'. Apparently georgette is the fabric for weddings (at least, when velvet isn't), and 'orchid' is a colour.

In other news, I am being stalked by a handbag. A very ugly handbag - possibly the most hideous in the world. It's a sort of red patent crocodile-effect square bag, with a big zebra panel on the side.

A bit like this, except more horrible (and more red)
I keep seeing it on escalators, and on the Overground. The woman carrying it is always in black, which just makes the bag stand out more. Two days ago, I noticed it going down the escalator next to me. Yesterday, it followed me off the Jubilee line on my way home. This morning, it followed me onto the Overground. It's everywhere.

This is disturbing for a number of reasons. Why did it choose me? What does it want? How has its owner's commute managed to coincide so precisely with mine so often? What does she keep in there?

I'm going to go to bed now and try not to have nightmares.


P.S.: It was the boyf's birthday today, so happy birthday to him! Apparently he is having a nice time. Now I just have to come up with a (nother) present!

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