Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A return to standards

I didn't say what kind! I'm perpetually knackered at the moment, so I'm toning down the blog side of things a little bit for now. It's going to be hard to hold back! I am still going to post, but I won't be trying to come up with interesting things for you (and you may have noticed, I tend to fail there a little bit anyway!). Just for now, then there will be exciting Irish blogging and so forth.

Today was even more busy than usual. I think part of this was down to Cat, Olivia and I spending about an hour trying to sort my new computer account out. Still can't receive emails! Or use the picture editor. Later in the afternoon, just as I had returned from nipping out for some supplementary lunch (my budget is usually £2 a day for a drink and some crisps or something, and it gets me some vital fresh air so I don't feel too indulgent!) and picked up a huge stack of letters from our pigeon hole, we heard that we had to do a full page for the Daily Universal Register because the ad had fallen through.

The DUR is made up of lots and lots of little sections, each a (very) mini article but with about the same amount of research required, so it was crazy times for a while. I phoned round for pictures for Going Out, wrote probably the most gruesome Saint's Day ever to grace the paper (St Polycarp met an interesting end...I tried to tone it down), knocked out an Out Now (teeny-tiny book review/recommendation), sourced pictures for the Collecting column, found a Last Word quotation and wrote a Day Out piece about Aberfeldy in Scotland (which my father visits fairly regularly for outdoor-persuits-related work, and sometimes brings us along). While I'm still spreading Aberfeldy goodwill, visit it! I didn't realise until I had to write about it just how much there is to do in the area. So, next time you holiday in the (original) Home of the Brave, stop by!

I am going to have to go to bed now, or the mists will descend tomorrow on my commute and someone will suffer the full force of my sleep-deprived crotchetiness!


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