Friday, 18 February 2011

More title words

Another short pictureless post because of it being late and so forth (I dozed off a little bit). Tomorrow will be better!

I was feeling about the same as yesterday today - still not 100% but less awful. I was able to feel very superior for a while because a group of work experience people came round (I say people - they were kids, really (not that kids aren't people, I'm trying to be more specific)) looking for things to do at the Arts desk and I was doing all sorts of exciting things - reformatting pages, pulling up archived text and transferring phonecalls (which is new to me, at least). I felt practically professional! I'll be learning to do even more complicated things (starting with pictures) when I get my own profile, hopefully on Monday, although I was supposed to be able to log on today. IT is turning out to be as complicated as security! (I got my pass on Sunday, not sure if I mentioned it. It's pink and it goes beep! Also I can put money on it to buy food, and get into the fire escapes, which is useful in survival terms.)

I'm still being stalked by that zebra print handbag. Its owner has taken to wearing a bright pink coat, which clashes horribly with the bag but she seems determined to stay true to its stripy hideousness.

I am contemplating writing an entirely different Public Affairs article to the one I had planned. It may be more relevant, or it may involve actually going to a council meeting. I really hope it's the former!

Hope everyone has a good Friday and is suitably casually attired!


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