Friday, 26 November 2010

Un-snowed under

Things I should be doing: shorthand practice, work on features, sending emails

Things I am doing: vegetating, watching Misfits. May also make a cup of tea at some point.

The prophesied snow has failed to arrive. I'm pretty pleased about this, because knowing my luck, it'd only be the wrong sort. Still very cold. I am currently most appreciative of my investment in fingerless gloves - I can type without risking frostbite!

Today was yet another good day at Journalism School (I know! I'm going to lose the hang of complaining!) - lots and lots of video journalism. I learned a lot! Video editing is very fiddly, but it's extremely cool when you get it right. My group worked on 'Pubs!', the video piece we're cobbling together from the rather random footage we took last week. Lots of cables everywhere, but I think we got the hang of it.

I stayed out a bit late with the pub crowd (well, the people who were going to the pub), mostly to postpone my commute until after rush hour, but also to hang out. Didn't drink anything, though - I felt like I was coming down with something all day, and I still can't tell whether this is the case or it was the weather coupled with the heat inside. Got very sleepy towards the end of today!

Today wasn't a Crazy Train Day, it was a Crazy Lady On The Bus Day. She kept humming and making loud observations about the other passengers. I was quite glad to get off before she got round to me.

Right, signing off now, let's pretend it's to do something useful.

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