Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Perchance to dream

Very boringly, I'm absolutely knackered again. Today was pretty exhausting, actually. The morning was good fun - we were planning our in-house publication (no decision on the name yet - I think that's been our most heated discussion yet!) and got to chat and lounge about. The afternoon was comprised of lots and lots of shorthand. I've been put in charge of the Life & Style section of our magazine, (rather undemocratically, but oh well) which is all girls and is in danger of being all fashion, apart from the middle class drug dealers. We had a very productive discussion (we had the most ideas of all the four sections!) and have come up with some pretty exciting stuff. I may also have committed myself to an exciting week-long challenge that will put me quite far out of my comfort zone, but that'll be entertaining for you, at least! More on that tomorrow, hopefully.

Shorthand was utterly draining. I think it had something to do with how hot and stuffy the room was, but that extra hour I stayed up finishing the practice exam last night (which Mr Hack didn't even take in - he says we've got until Thursday! Quite miffed) came back to haunt me. My brain just slowly shut down, which is not a good thing when you're trying to do dictations, I can tell you. I wasn't the only person suffering, either.

Started number9dream on the train this morning (which distracted me nicely from my lack of seat and the fact that the carriage doors kept trying to shut themselves on me) and I'm already hooked! I'm being good and not reading it at bedtime, though, as I really need to catch up on sleep. (Yes, there it is again.)

Caught up on upcoming movie trailers this evening. Cowboys & Aliens looks amazing, Green Lantern looks very... green, and there's a Red Riding Hood movie by the creators of Twilight which looks very pretty but likely to be rage-enducing. The Tourist (with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, can't believe they haven't teamed up before) looks like it will at the very least have lust-worthy costumes, I have seen the trailer for Sucker Punch before, but it warrants mentioning because so many minds will be blown, and The Eagle, which seems to be a very loose adaptation of The Eagle of the Ninth, one of my favourite books when I was longer, already makes me want to throw things. Trotting out Roman soldiers with American accents is just wrong.

Right, I'm going to bed now. Sorry for the sparsity of pictures, they're just going to be a special treat I suspect. If there's anything you particularly want photographed, just ask! (Within reason...)


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