Monday, 22 November 2010

Not-so-lazy Sunday

Apart from oversleeping this morning (oversleeping! On a Sunday! I'm really through the looking-glass here) I've had quite a busy day!

Managed to drag myself into Leicester Square (despite the effects of families on public transport (it's not all bad, though - two little boys on a train recently taught me a new word: gayzor)) to see my lovely Career Advisor. He helped me with an application for an internship, which is exciting! We'll have to wait and see.

When I got back I baked cupcakes for the lovely folks who looked after me on my work experience week - they're really due a thank-you! Evening baking is more challenging than its afternoon counterpart, because you're hungry and have to concentrate on not eating too much batter! Afterwards, I made Noodle Doodle (old family recipe, sorry I can't reveal more) for supper for me and The Godmother, and iced the cupcakes while I waited for it to cook. That's Domestic Goddess-ery!

That doesn't look like a lot written down, but really it is! Also I realised that I was wearing jeans for the first time this week today, even though it's been so cold.

Off to bed now, or I will snore through subbing tomorrow!

P.S.: hopefully pictures soon, as requested by a biscuit-lover!

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