Monday, 22 November 2010

Now in Glorious Technicolor!

So, I may have mentioned pictures....

Journalism School - the computer room

A different angle, with Superchef and Lady Zorro
The common room, featuring the ever-popular vending machines
The portal to the world of student journalism...
Me, in a corridor

I really hope these all work, now, as it's quite late and I'm busy with my practice newswriting exam. Which is why I'm blogging, of course!

Today was a Mundane Monday, so there was lots and lots of subbing. And lots and lots of Also a fair few Chuck Norris facts. We had a very lovely visitor, a charming Italian man who is one of the most professional people I have ever met. And I didn't even see him at work! He taught us a trick or two (on Quark, of course!) and told us about the importance of typefaces. 

We also did a mock exam. I finished on time, despite the exciting Printer Challenge section. 

I decided on the train this morning that my subbing coursework double page spread is going to be all about shoes. No one was surprised...

Right, back to writing a story about an escaped snake called Bertie. Goodnight!

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