Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Clocking up the wpm

Words per minute, that is! We had another shorthand session this afternoon, which was a massive improvement on yesterday's, probably mostly because we moved from the computer room to the lecture room so we could all see the board and it wasn't so stuffy. I was still pretty sleepy, though! Our lovely shorthand teacher, the Star (yep, still bad at nicknames), is getting stricter, but I'm definitely seeing the results. I'm starting to think I might actually pass this exam!

I spent the morning looking at pictures of shoes. This was valid research for my shoe feature, and I've saved lots of pictures to use later. I kept getting distracted and showing people particularly exciting pairs I'd found. My eventual purpose is to introduce people to lots of lovely shoes, though, so I was really just pre-empting myself. Even Superchef admired a particular pair of boots, although he was a little despairing about it afterwards.

Today was a Crazy Train Day. I spent my journey into London this morning in the luggage rack again (I fit, and it's somewhere to sit and read my book), and the underground was excitingly packed. I love the grim determination in commuters' eyes as a packed train pulls up, as if willpower alone is going to create them a space. At such times, an expression of cheerful indifference is about as offensive as an extremely accurate Your Mum joke.

Still need a haircut. Very tempted to break out the bandannas (yes, I have two! One stolen from the boyf during one of his many moves, admittedly. You try doing your makeup when your fringe reaches the tip of your nose! (Is this how emo starts? I'd always thought it was voluntary...)) but I don't want to be mistaken for a pirate, particularly. I imagine the jokes would get old very fast.

Right, bedtime. More excitement tomorrow!

P.S.: Get well soon, Jumanji!

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