Sunday, 28 November 2010


I'm joining my mother's delicious crusade
I'm very, very full of duck, roast potatoes, butternut and bean salad at the moment, so please forgive any lethargy that manages to creep in. The Godmother and I had a very fancy dinner, considering it was just the two of us. She did the duck (which I haven't eaten very often, but am now resolved to try to) in red wine with sour dried cherries and cherry jam. Delicious! My roast potatoes weren't quite as good as my mother's, but nearly! I continue to strive. The net result of all of this, however, is that I am now extremely full and sleepy.

Today was surprisingly productive - I explored Woking, and its shopping potential for the first time, despite having been here more than two months. There are two sort-of-shopping-centres, and various little sidestreets, which were pretty much deserted, thanks to the cold. Did I mention the cold? Today was lovely and sunny, which meant no protective cloud cover, which meant biting cold. And we're the lucky ones - no snow yet. If a nuclear winter hit, I'm not sure anyone would notice.

I bought a cheap tube of lipstick, some things for The Godmother and W, and three new books (an extravagance allowed by my aunt and uncle's birthday present of a book voucher - thank you!), The Year Of The Flood by Margaret Atwood, Norwegian Wood, by Haruki Murakami, and My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk. Looking forward to reading them when I've finished number9dream (almost there - I'm still restricting myself to reading it on trains and buses (not too much on buses, though, or I'm liable to miss my stop)).

Right, off to do all the things I should have managed to breeze through with all my free time this weekend!


P.S.: Yes, you read that right. My mother has a long-term and bitter vendetta against ducks, and will eat them whenever she can. When we went canoeing as a family, she used to make us race them. It's rather strange, as she's as lovely and friendly as they come, but I can assure you she has a very good reason for it.


  1. You're in Woking?

    If I end up going down to visit Lisa after Xmas, and you're still there, we'll have to meet up.


  2. Definitely! I'm in it for the long haul (no Xmas holidays for busy journalists!) but I'll have weekends and evenings (possibly quite late evenings) free.

  3. Cool. The plan is, all being well, for me to be down about the 28th December for a few days, but I shall let you know in advance.