Thursday, 25 November 2010


The best thing about babies is their tiny, tiny shoes!
I spent today thinking about shoes, searching the internet for shoes, talking about shoes and writing about shoes. It was quite productive, but I'm glad tomorrow will be a break from shoes - I'm starting to see ankle boots when I close my eyes, and it's a little bit depressing to go through all these lovely shoes while unable to buy any. Oh well, it'll just make the emotion in my article more real!

Not many people came to Journalism School this morning. I blame a combination of freezing weather and the prior knowledge that today would be a magazine day. I would probably be more tempted to work from home if I had any illusions about just how much work I would actually end up doing. It was a fun day, though - I almost prefer it when there are fewer of us, because it means you get to have proper conversations with the people who are there.

As Moonbeam and Monopoly hit the streets today in search of Street Style victims (I mean, subjects), I thought back wistfully to the free haircut I was offered more than a month ago. I know there would have been strings attached, but still... At the time, I was too startled and in-the-middle-of-Primark (a condition of no little psychological strain, I can tell you) to say anything but an automatic 'No, thank you,' but I still remember it as one of my first London Experiences. Good to know that two of my course-mates were out spreading London Experiences of their own!

I'm feeling quite virtuous, as I've already made my lunch for tomorrow - pasta with soup stirred in in lieu of sauce (I really felt like egg fried rice again today, and I don't think it keeps well, so I had to have a back-up plan. Thanks to Jolene (my worst nickname yet? Quite probably! As you'll have no idea who this is even if you know her, the names are similar and she's a mini Topshop mannequin, but more fun!) for mentioning peas today - I got to sneak in another vegetable!) which should be good. The tupperware in this house works hard!

Going to have another early night (they just aren't having the desired effect yet! Maybe I need to combine one with a late morning?), so I'll sign off. I'd just like to say, thank you everyone who's told me they read this blog! I was fielding compliments from a rather surprising person today (I'll leave you with the suspense) and was reminded of just how nice everyone's been about it. So, thank you! I do it for fun, but it's awesome that other people derive enjoyment from it too. (And perhaps vital clues to my true identity...!)

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