Sunday, 14 November 2010

In which I explain where I've been

I've been offline. There, that was quick! Uh, yeah, so I've been staying in The Godmother's flat since Thursday, which doesn't have internet, but is in the centre of town. Would have mentioned it last post, but extreme tiredness tends to curtail my natural verbosity. (See what I did there?)

I had a really good work experience week! I can't wait to go back in December. Very fancy offices, very lovely people, lots of learning opportunities! Makes me even more reluctant to drag myself in for subbing tomorrow. I'm only really going so I can hear about people's weeks!

In other news, Jumanji has spent the evening texting me for answers to her pub quiz. (See, I seem nice and helpful, then I SHAME YOU ON THE INTERNET)

I was going to try to get my hair cut this weekend, but it completely failed to happen (due mostly to the fact that England tends to be a bit silly about Sundays - closing your establishment on one of the two days most people have off seems like rather a failure of business sense to me! Secularisation is progressive and good for the economy!), which is a Bad Thing, because I am starting get decidedly shaggy, and I quite like being able to see.

The Godmother and W were kind enough to arrange for me to see a professional to pimp my CV. We met him yesterday, for coffee and then lunch (The Godmother and I had already been for breakfast) and he was really, really helpful. And also a lovely guy. Actually, if you're trying to break into the job market, I couldn't recommend getting professional help enough - I've already learned so many things I've been getting wrong! I'll have to work on my now-overhauled CV for a few evenings (squeezed in around subbing practice - the first exam looms alarmingly close!)) and really oversell myself. Hopefully the conscious effort to do so will balance out my pathological hatred for any form of formal self-evaluation.

Right, off to skype mes parents!

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