Monday, 8 November 2010

Good Times!

I know, horrible, horrible pun. But I did have a really good first day of work experience! Everyone I met was lovely (apart from the guy I heard a few rows over, who suddenly erupted at his colleagues for 'wittering', although I didn't technically meet him (lucky for him! I am the Witter Queen) so he doesn't count) and W came over to chat when he came in for his shift. Sadly, I didn't manage to see Moonbeam (one of the lovely ladies on my course, who is doing her week a few floors up from me, at a certain dazzling red-top) at lunch, mostly due to my attempts to appear professional, which made checking my phone an infrequent and surreptitious occurrence. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

I did a lot of archive-y stuff, learned how to use the system and watched the BBC news channel on silent while waiting for pages to load. There was one story which kept coming round, which just had a slow close-up of the face of Big Ben, then a cut to some fancily-uniformed guys firing a cannon. Were they firing at Big Ben? Did Big Ben orchestrate it? Has some unforeseen time travel crisis occurred, leaving us up to our eyeballs in militant Hussars? I may never know.

I wore (because you were desperate to know!) my trusty black kneehigh boots (I've said it before and I'll say it again: Best. Birthday present. Ever.), my warm but pretty Apricot dress (also a birthday present (and a close contender for the boots' accolade)), very wooly tights and a slightly anxious smile.

Did anyone else feel a strange urge to build an ark today?

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