Thursday, 4 November 2010

In which I am exhausted and full of stirfry

I've decided to make it quick tonight as I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.

St Bride's was cool, and I learned a lot of Fun Facts, like where the shape of wedding cakes comes from, and just how small a cardboard box a skeleton fits into. To be honest, the visit to the crypt is probably what most of us will remember most vividly. The charnel house (basically an orange-lit pit with lots of bones stacked in it) was like something you'd see pictures of in history textbooks or museums, so it was really weird to have nothing between it and me but somewhat dusty air. There were also boxes and boxes of skeletons (and smaller boxes for the skulls (some of which still had hair, according to their labels, which was the thing that came closest to making me squeamish)) and a ring binder with all their details in it. Burial really isn't for ever, it turns out.

Afterwards, we went to a Fleet Street pub for lunch (I had fish and chips, which was good, but came with more batter than you could shake several sticks at, and other people had to finish for me) and ended up staying all afternoon (well, a few diehards did, which I think proves our commitment to the journalistic lifestyle better than anything).

I got home quite late, but with excellent timing, as there was a large quantity of stirfry (masterfully prepared by W (The Godmother's husband - I feel a single initial adds to the drama)) for me to help consume. I repaid him in minor computering services (sadly I'm not quite such good tech support as Superchef, but I managed to work it out). I have since managed to slump into bed with my laptop, but I did receive one excellent piece of news: my work experience for next week is all sorted. I'm very excited about it, and I can't believe it's only next week!


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