Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Unexpected day off

Yesterday I got to pick whether I would have today or tomorrow off, having worked on bank holiday Monday. I picked today for reasons mostly involving tiredness. I was able to get quite a lot done, including (finally!) my hair. (Which is the reason I am smiling beatifically down on my post today. Like it?) I went to the same hairdressers as last time (I consider £25 to be a reasonable price, and they seem to have a policy of not even washing your hair until you and the hairdresser have reached a mutual understanding of what is going to happen to your hair, which is very comforting!) and had a different hairdresser but am still quite pleased. I didn't want anything earth-shattering, and I thankfully didn't get it (although apparently my preference in fringes is decidedly avant-garde).

I also made an effort to get some boring bank stuff done (they were busy, but I succeeded in acquiring the direct telephone number of one of the suited advisor guys for future appointment booking purposes), stocked up on toiletries and did a small amount of clothes shopping. Small in terms of prices, that is! I am definitely going to be doing more shopping in Woking in the middle of a workday - so much less crowded! I had a few nice chats with random people, barely had to stand in any queues and was able to peruse bargains at my leisure. All in all, very satisfactory!

I'm going to bed now as I promised myself an early night. Hope everyone else had a surprisingly pleasant Wednesday!


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