Thursday, 5 May 2011


'Gah' pretty much sums up my mood this evening. Still tired, and even thinking is getting to be too much effort! I did manage to get to bed quite early, but apparently all my hard work sleeping is quite easily undone by general business in the daytime.

I also have a headache, which I am putting down to The Chair. I should probably explain how a seat can hurt my head.

I don't have a set desk at work, as there are lots of temporary people who come in only on certain days so there is quite a lot of desk-jumping. More senior people who are in every day and get their own desks, complete with their own furniture, should they wish it. One of the Eds (editors! There aren't a lot of Edwards at work, although it would be cool if there were) is away this week, so today I was relocated to his desk. I've sat their before, and it is not comfortable, and this is all down to The Chair. My problems with it are manifold:

1. My feet don't touch the ground. Not only is this embarrassing, it does funny things to my legs after a while, but apparently The Chair was designed for tall people only, because I can't find a way to adjust the height.

2. The swivel is just a bit too effective, which can be an issue if you are a habitual fidget like me and there are sharp-edged filing cabinets at knee height.

3. The headrest. None of the other chairs have headrests! This one is exactly the right height for my head to almost fit under it, so every time I lean back it catches the top of my head. This leads to a lot of neckstrain, which is what I am blaming my headache on!

4. The armrests. Like the rest of The Chair, they are designed for a much bigger person than me and thus closer to armpit height. Not comfy!

Yes, I have been reduced to complaining about a piece of furniture. More riveting tales from the journalistic frontline tomorrow!


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  1. this chair sounds like my bed - I HATE IT!! xx