Monday, 30 May 2011

It's that time again

Sorry (again) for the lack of posting. Here is an apology kitten, because you must have missed them:

It's been really hectic at work, partially because people keep dying and it was a bak holiday weekend so there were only four of us in to deal with them on Sunday (which was really crazy - we were told we had an extra page for extra obituaries at about 6pm, which is usually when people start getting ready to leave on Sundays!) and partly because both today and yesterday the DUR page has had no advert, so we've had a whole page to fill. When I was a mere reader of the page I used to much prefer a full spread of whimsical little snippets. Now I know better. 

Also there have been issues with the computer system (more bank holiday fun) which resulted in me whiting out the background in an old photograph of Queen Victoria on MS Paint. I am now intimately aquatinted with the pixels on the periphery of Queen Victoria, which is not something I ever thought I would say. Nor did I think that a hastily Paint-shopped image by me would ever appear in a national newspaper. Who says I wasted my youth playing with the spray-paint tool? 

The upshot of this all is the above kitten and this quick sign-off.


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