Thursday, 26 May 2011

Storm front

Image from here
Did anyone else see the storms today? They were pretty awesome - rain sluicing down the windows, sudden darkness, angry giant noises. Our office block was right in the centre for a while, it was very cool! I didn't get any pictures, sadly, but this one will have to do, since we can see Tower Bridge from the office. 

I'm going to have to accept blogging a little less frequently for now, sadly. I've agreed to work every day but one until Thursday, at which point I will be in Scotland visiting my family. I'll do my best, though!

Today was another day of helping people over the phone. It was surprisingly frantically busy, despite the fact we weren't actually putting out any more pages than normal. I think it might have had something to do with Olivia being on holiday and Cat having to write obits all day. You can leave things to me, but there might be occasional mild panic!

I did a couple of New Reader interviews on Tuesday and typed them up yesterday so they'll be in Saturday's paper. They can be the best part of my job (apart from the free chocolate we're occasionally sent) because people are always so excited to talk about their babies. Although I'm not sure why they keep asking if I have children... maybe I sound more grown-up than I think.

That's it for now otherwise I will be breaking my strict new bedtime regulations (OK, 'Be in bed before 23:30').


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