Sunday, 22 May 2011

Saturday Spree

Sooo... I said there would be exposition tonight but then I cooked supper and had to skype my parents and finish watching Doctor Who, and now it is past my bedtime. Therefore, a quick projectile-word-vomit (as Normandy would say), and I will be hitting the hay like a horse that just lost at blackjack. (That made much more sense in my head.) 

It was Jumanji all along! And a lot of Japanese food. I didn't realise the set lunch would be quite so generous...

I met Jumanji yesterday after I'd already been to the Oliver Bonas/Mint sample sale in Wandsworth (I know! Get me! (Although I was very restrained and ended up being trapped in the changing room with some extras from Made in Chelsea)) and we went to Sakura (near Regent Street) for an early but delicious lunch before doing some serious shopping. I don't feel too bad about the things I bought, though - all count as appropriate Summer workwear. 

After a lot of shopping, there was pizza! I really, really love vegetables on pizza, I may have mentioned. This one was delicious!

Jumanji snuck me into the the music common room at King's College to eat carrot cake, and I met one of her music-y friends. Then it was a bus to Waterloo for me!

This is me, still alive. I was wearing a pink dress, which proved a surprising hit with various people (and prompted a very generous waiter to 'reduce' a coke to £2 for me). I love Summer and being able to wear dresses without layers!

Right, must collapse now or I won't enjoy work tomorrow! I'm in without Cat or Olivia for support, so I'm going to be answering the phone a lot!


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