Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dial R for Register

I'm rushing to bed again, so I bring you my day in the form of the three stand-out phonecalls that rather defined it:

1. The lovely Jamaican-sounding Irishman who wanted my help writing his speech for his daughter's wedding. He was a DUR fan! Surprisingly, I did manage to help. Nicest reader of the day!

2. The woman who phoned to 'give a comment' about Ryan Giggs (as she was apparently too busy to write  a letter/email, despite then talking to me for 20 minutes). Rather surreal - I was trying to eat a gingerbread man and type up an article about the Falklands one-handed while she vented her feelings about sperm banks.

3. The man who I interviewed about his baby daughter. He told me his wife had given birth 'practically painlessly' via hypnobirthing, which seemed to rather irritate her for some reason...

Right, that's it! I did actually spend most of the day on the phone to various people, so I don't have much else to tell you!



  1. Hey, I read that you're a student journalist and so am I!!

    You talking about spending most of the day talking to various people is very reflective of my day as well.

    Oh, the journalist life.

  2. its actually quite interesting to talk to people so much :P