Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jumanji is a goat wizard

I spontaneously met up with Juamanji in London Town this afternoon, on the grounds that today was my only day off in 10 days so I should do something fun! And indeed we did.

We started with a Targeted Trouser Search in Uniqlo (I rather alarmed Jumanji when I told her I currently only own one pair of trousers, having rid myself of all the pairs that don't fit. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, what can I say...), which was eventually successful, although I had to leave them behind to be altered as my legs aren't 33 inches long.

For lunch, Jumanji introduced me to Korean food. I'd eaten her mum's cooking before and enjoyed it, but apparently Korean restaurant food is a whole different kettle of fish. We went to Korea corner (near the Hallowed Shopping District) and ate in the Korean Bakery (not really a bakery, but I wasn't complaining). Sadly, I didn't have my camera to show you this crazy cuisine, so here is the internet's best shot:

Image from here

This is something called bibimbap, which is apparently a Korean speciality. It's 'rice and loads of other things', as Jumanji put it, and apparently the correct way to eat it is to mix it all together and cover it in chilli sauce. I love spicy food, so I wasn't about to argue!

I also tried Korean sushi, which is less fish-heavy than the Japanese kind (we had vegetable sushi, which might account for it!) but still very delicious. Jumanji also let me try some of her meal, so I also got to taste some sort of chilli-sauce-covered ricecake and some sort of chilli-sauce-covered fish. It was all very delicious, I have to say!

Afterwards we went to a nearby Korean supermarket where Jumanji bought all sorts of exotic produce. I still can't get over buying mayonnaise in little bags. 

Having made myself hungry again, I'm going to go to bed as I have work in the morning. 


P.S.: The term 'goat wizard' is trademarked to pandas, so use with caution or fear their furry wrath


  1. This is definitely making me hungry. I love Korean food and I haven't had good Korean food in quite a while. Kind of glad you reminded me of that :-)