Sunday, 15 May 2011

Do Not Adjust Your Screen

I'm (hopefully) back to full service, and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after another exciting day at work! OK, so I'm knackered as per usual, and today was really very slow, but still!

Today we have a picture of me on some stairs, mostly so I can show off my dress. It doesn't really show in the picture, but it's really bouncy (insofar as a dress can be bouncy, anyway), although I do have to be careful on windy days (such as today! Thank goodness for tights). I also really love polka dots, so it's doubly awesome!


Ignore my slightly quizzical expression, The Godmother took the picture for me and kept making me laugh.

I'm typing this while gulping down my first cup of tea of the day. I'm never leaving it this late again! I admit I've got an addiction (although judging by my mother's average of 14 cups a day I probably acquired it in the womb), but having to rush out of the door in the mornings is definitely worth the five minutes of glorious relaxed contemplation a cup of tea provides.

In other news, I'm in a bit of a shopping conundrum: I keep seeing (and, in extreme cases, buying) lots of lovely little dresses, but awesome as dresses are, they're not ideal if you're trying to avoid outfit repetition and suggest a much larger wardrobe than you actually have (I'd blame leaving most of my clothes in Scotland, but since I went back and did that Clear-up Of Doom, I think I actually have more down here).  Most of all, I want little tops and blouses to dress up (or sideways) jeans, skirts, pyjamas etc. But these are the one thing I'm having trouble finding! Clearly I need more shopping time.

Right, off to do other things. My brain is in danger of liquidating today, so I'll have to sign off while I'm still lucid.



  1. Fantastic post, nice dress!
    Check out my blog and enter the IKKS give away if you like!

    xoxo Robine @

  2. You look so sweet, love that cute polka dotted dress. :)

    The Cat Hag