Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trafalgar Day

You may be aware that there is currently a high-stakes, hotly contested debate going on in the UK. I am referring, of course, to the Autumn Bank Holiday. Should we have one? Do we have enough? When should it be? What should it be called? Should there be special celebrations?

I am a staunch supporter of Trafalgar Day, not because of any particular patriotism or respect for Nelson, but because it's my birthday. Just think, a free day off on my birthday every year! It would be like everyone was celebrating me!

In other news, it is currently raining heavily. This bodes well on the not-getting-crisped-by-a-wildfire front (apparently a new danger in Broken Britain), and is also making the air smell amazing. It's also excellent timing - I got to walk home and enjoy a very pleasant evening, with warm breezes and twilight and the like, and now it's conveniently raining when I no longer wish to go outside. Maybe it will even stop before the morning...

My parents also get a mention tonight, as I had a very lovely phone conversation with them earlier. I am sure they expected me to go to bed earlier... They finally have a weekend off, and are apparently going to be filling it with things. I've started doing this - no sooner do I have time off than I start coming up with useful or fun things to do with it. Whatever happened to lazing about? Must be a sign of adulthood or something...

Actually going to bed now, so I can do things with my weekend! (I feel so old!)


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