Saturday, 2 April 2011

Worth 8,000 words?

I was clearing out my photos today (I seriously need some sort of external hard drive device!) and have decided to bring you a selection instead of a briefing on my day (not too bad, in case you were wondering - ate quite a few bagels). I've had my camera since Christmas 2007, which is a fairly long time! 

In no sort of order, therefore: 

Whizzkid and Percy - The Early Years

Spotted in a shopping centre in Dublin (I think)

Ziggurats at UEA

Obligatory arty shot

My brief term as a pirate captain was surprisingly successful

Jumanji and I go back before even my fez days

Whizzkid has always been a Man of Mystery

London: blurry and light pollution-y
That's it! I'm off for another dose of nostalgia.


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