Saturday, 30 April 2011

National knees-up

That's absolutely as far as I'm going to go with any royal wedding stuff. I had a whole day of watching it out of the corner of my eye on the TV screens at work (they even turned the sound on for some of it! Momentous times), and then got to help on production, which was wedding wedding wedding. The number of nuptial-nudging headlines and captions I have seen written today...

In other news, although I am very tired, I will also have to think of a new nickname soon, because one of my awesome university gang is coming to London tomorrow (finally!) to join me, Percy and Whizzkid for exciting times. Stay tuned!

Absolutely must go to bed now, I'm good for nothing but staring blankly at videos of cats.



  1. I watched some of the wedding in the morning and the rest of it when I got home from work, hehe

    And about the money spending - I do keep track of everything I buy and do a post at the start of each month about what I bought in the last month, it helps me to control spending ;)

  2. do you mind checking out my blog? feel free to follow me ;) or at least tell my what you are thinking about it