Thursday, 14 April 2011

Return of the spreadsheets

They're back! I'm now collating the April birthdays and it looks like it's going to take a very long time. I have also agreed to go in to work on Sunday, and am down to cover a great many Sundays and bank holidays (mostly by myself, alarmingly) over the next few months. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying work! I must be going senile early.

There was much excitement today, as a market which usually resides in St Katherine's Dock had set up at the base of our forbidding skyscrapers (I work in the modern equivalent of Castle Doom (it is the seat of the Murdochs...)) and there was fresh produce aplenty. I fell victim to a cherry tart, which made quite a decadent end to my (otherwise packed) lunch. Why is it that every time I decide to cut down on spending money, markets appear before me? I suppose I should be glad this one wasn't a dedicated chocolate market...

Some tree surgeons arrived this morning to do something to one of the trees in the back garden. When I answered the door, they asked if my mum and dad were in. Do I look so ignorant of trees? Or is it my apparently extremely youthful face? (A woman in Dunfermline's Boots told me sternly that the hayfever medication my father and I wanted to purchase was strictly for adults, and asked my age. She was rather embarrassed when I told her.) It is currently too dark to tell what they've done, but hopefully they cut the right tree.

Off for an early-ish night now.


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