Monday, 18 April 2011

Secrets of Woking

 Ever since I heard about it from Paul (who has visited Woking since I've been here (although he didn't have time to visit me, the reprobate)), I've wanted to find the War of the Worlds statue that apparently exists somewhere in Woking. And today, I did!

The local populace don't seem particularly impressed, though
I also came across this 3D-2D mural thing, which is pretty cool: 

I was going to try to get my hair cut today, but apparently few hairdressers can accommodate a spur-of-the-moment sort of customer these days (well, one could, but £50 for a trim rather put me off, for some reason) so I am going to have to remain fringe-blinded for a while longer.

Today was another warm one. I met Jumanji in London and we had a somewhat halfhearted, easily-distracted look for Suitable Summer Attire (she has to survive a trip to Italy without melting or angering nuns) but alas the highstreet is still rather silly. Apparently your basic choice of Looks is either lurid or lurid and 70s. 

We also visited a rather intriguing Italian restaurant, as Jumanji hadn't had lunch. They give you a card as you go in, and you scan it every time you buy a dish (prepared in front of you) and then pay the total on the way out. It was pretty cool, although the system did remind me of the canteen at work more than a little.

I was too distracted by pasta to get a good picture of the place, but you can just see it in the background of this OK picture of Jumanji:

I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones tonight. It's going to have to be a very long-running series if it's going to get to the end of all those plotlines! Still not 100% decided on it yet, though - I'll tell you after the next episode gets things rolling properly. 

Off to bed now, as I have work in the morning.



  1. Wait.

    Were you in Woking during the first couple of weeks in September last year? That's the only time I've been there!

    If so, my bad.

  2. I came down in September, I can't remember exactly when. I may have wronged you! If so, sorry

  3. alot of bad hairdresses in sg :/