Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Night time

I'm back into the routine, and back into being very tired by the time I get round to blogging! Tomorrow should hopefully be better, as I don't need to make any stops on the way home (tonight I had to do a minor grocery-and-toiletries shop, which meant I got a later train, which meant I had a later supper, which means this is going to be quite a short post!), which might even make for interesting reading.

Currently, I am semi-tucked-in in bed, as today was not really all that warm. Having left my coat in Scotland, today was a layering day. Thankfully, I have retained my ridiculously long fluffy scarf and it only started raining when I was almost home, so I didn't fare too badly. They say it's going to stay like this for a while. I really hope not!

Is anyone else really tired of wedding fever? I opened three different letters today, the authors of which were practically foaming at the mouth at some article in Monday's paper which dared criticise the Kate Middleton. I'm bored of all the articles and 'news' stories too. Perhaps this is the true dark side of journalism - being unable to escape an irritating story.

Off to bed now, as I managed to get in early this morning and would quite like to attempt it again!


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