Monday, 4 April 2011

If this was a letter, it would be an illegible scrawl

Very quick post tonight, because it has been a busy busy day and I need to sleep!

Work was pretty mental, because it was just me and Cat in today, as Olivia was having her day off, having worked on Sunday. This meant that a) there were only two of us working on what turned out to be a full page (and Cat had lots of other things to do too (and I suppose so did I, as my opening-letters-and-cutting-up-papers has to get done!)) and b) I was sitting at Olivia's desk, which is basically the switchboard for the whole department. I got so many phonecalls! I did realise, though, that although I was getting a bit muzzy (really need to get some non-drowsy hayfever medicine), I am much more switched-on on the phone than off it. Maybe because I don't need to use my eyes...

The Godmother and W also came back from sunny South Africa today, so I have been chatting to them this evening. They had a lovely time, apparently, but sadly they have to go back to work tomorrow. We also found and filled in the census form (my bits, anyway - they can finish it at the flat). My life looks weird on paper!

That really has to be it, or I'm going to fall asleep on some malodorous businessman's shoulder on the train tomorrow.



  1. I hope you rested well and are not so busy anymore! :)

  2. hope you ave a lovely weekend my dear and can relax a bit :) x

  3. Thank you both, I am much better this week! New meds and a great holiday can work wonders!