Monday, 25 April 2011


I was going to go on about my very exciting sunny weekend, but blogger is being extremely weird at the moment, so I'm going to save it for when I have less IT angst. Which is annoying, because I remembered to take (some) pictures to share. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until it sorts itself out.

I don't have any pictures from Friday, however, as I foolishly forgot to put my camera into my actual handbag (despite having remembered to pack it), so I suppose I can tell you about that!

I managed to get to Liverpool Street station to meet the boyf almost on time despite the best efforts of bank holidays, and en route back to the flat to drop off his suitcase, we went to Waitrose (the one outside my work! That's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to showing him what my Working Environment is like, thanks to all the security in the building) to buy some things for a picnic. We went slightly overboard, so when we eventually met Percy in Green Park we had quite a disgusting amount of food between the three of us (as Percy doesn't picnic by halves either). We sat in the shade, because we were sensible (along with most of the local populace, apparently - the only near-naked sunbathers I saw were Americans) and ate strawberries and watched Percy battle with his smartphone (not so smart now, eh?), and it was all in all a very excellent lunch.

When we were tired of the half-awed, half-disgusted glances of the passers-by who noticed our food mountain, we went for a wander into the more urban parts of town, via Buckingham Palace, ice cream and The Mall, which meant we accidentally took in quite a lot of the Royal Wedding Procession Route, as I only later noticed (sadly, I don't think they'll be stopping for ice cream). In the townier bits of town, we embarked on an epic search for a shop Percy's smartphone didn't want us to find, but we beat technology eventually, with some good, old-fashioned map reading.

I'm going to have to break off there and go to bed, as I had to get up unreasonably early this morning to see the boyf off and am thus shattered!

More anon (hopefully with pictures, if google can get its act together).


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