Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter pictures

And nary a bunny among them! 

Actual Easter Sunday was mostly spent reading in the garden in Woking, and therefore not much documented, but the boyf and I visited Camden Lock again on Saturday, so I thought I'd finally bring you a few pictures!

There's a bit of a horse theme going on there, for whatever reason - loads of statues everywhere. Sadly, most of them have people constantly posing in front of them, which makes it very difficult for important people like me to get decent pictures!

The market is a lot of fun, but also huge and very easy to get lost in. This happened to be the one day I forgot my phone, so I had to stick close by the boyf in case I got lost while incommunicado. I did wander off at one point when distracted by a basket full of antlers, but on the whole I did pretty well at the not-getting-lost thing!

Camden lock not only boasts the highest concentration of vintage shops I've ever seen, it also has some sort of giant robot temple/techno shop which you have to queue up to get into (sadly you're not allowed to take pictures inside, which seems like a waste, as they employ platform dancers!), and a shop called Oddballs, which sells all sorts of juggling paraphernalia, which is quite exciting when your other half is well on his way to joining a circus (and I of course mean that in the nicest possible way). 

This picture is actually from Sunday night, but illustrates the whole juggling thing rather well, besides being the only decent juggling picture I've ever taken. It's mid-juggle, incidentally - the boyf is actually really good, he doesn't just fling balls about for photographic effect! 

Right, off to bed now as I'm about to doze off!


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