Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday shenanigans

More pictures without too many words! I'm tired out from a very busy (but fun) day out with Jumanji, so I will let images speak for themselves again (with the help of a few captions). 

We went to Spitalfields market, and later braved Bond Street for a serious Uniqlo binge (there was a sale! What were we supposed to do, not buy things?)

Lunch: a pancake rather optimistically named 'I'll Have What She's Having'

Jumanji is not only a bakery fixer but a pastry ninja

Market times

Jumanji recovering from our shop-a-thon with lemon cake and iced drinks

Apparently the alien face of cake was ready to take a bite out of me. I don't seem that perturbed
That's all, folks! Bedtime.



  1. I would totally scarf down that pancake right now. That looks delicious!

  2. wow that pancake i could eat that right now!!! x