Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday times

I had another weekday day off today, hence early blogging. I'm also trying to make sure I actually get to blog tonight, as my broadband has been getting absolutely throttled these past couple of evenings. Stupid Sky. Stupid working for the evil media tsar who is denying me internet. 

I managed to get all of my washing done today, which is no mean feat, and also strolled into town for banking fun and groceries. While I was there, I had what the boyf would call a 'shopccident'...

It was reduced from £55 and it isn't black, so Jumanji will be pleased. I regret nothing!

The sun has come back (for today at least...) which is a relief as yesterday was a continuation of the monsoon theme. I also had all sorts of commuting fun last night, as there was some massive signal failure problem outside Waterloo when I was trying to get the train home. Every single train was delayed, and none of the screens that tell you which train is leaving from which platform were working. I eventually got on one after interrogating a couple of station employees, managed to get a seat (although next to an American man who was chain-banana-eating, sadly) and half an hour later the train left! It took about 50 minutes to get back to Woking, because the driver had to be talked past every signal. I was one of the lucky ones - shortly afterwards, they just cancelled all trains.

That's it for now, as I'm off to make an early supper!

Good evening!