Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day

It's technically now Father's Day, so remember to give your dad a card or something! Most of the ones in the shops seem to be sport-themed (especially golf, for some reason), which I consider pretty narrow-minded. It's the thought that counts, I suppose.

I'm having a very relaxing weekend, for once (although I'm going to be meeting up with Whizzkid tomorrow, so hopefully there will be highjinks galore!), and got some important shopping done. I'm feeling quite thrifty, though - more on that anon, perhaps.

More miserable weather, which is apparently going to continue on and off this week. I wore my wellies about town yesterday (very stylish, I know, but I came home with dry feet despite further downpours, so there!) and am doubly paranoid about always having my umbrella with me. Apparently it still counts as a drought...

In other news, I have found the best hat ever:

Check this page out for more weird hats!
On that note, I think I'll go to bed!


P.S.: Happy Father's Day to my own father! He's extremely awesome, and there should be more than one day a year to commemorate this!


  1. Hahaha cute picture! =)

  2. yes, let's hear it for dads! Now wouldn't that hat be a great father's day present? Next year perhaps...