Sunday, 12 June 2011


I'm dashing this off before bed, as we have been entertaining this evening and it has all gone on rather late. The Godmother and W's friends have been round, and we went to two village fairs today, went for a walk, got rained on, and came home for a braai cooked by me! I'm quite impressed with myself, as no one has yet died of food poisoning and I cooked lamb for the first time, and simultaneously made roast potatoes. 

Aaaanyway, today I have a couple of quite cool pictures because the first fair we went to was in fact the Pirbright Scarecrow Festival. There were scarecrows all over the village, including a scarecrow royal wedding:

Also some sort of famous scarecrow cricketer. I have no idea who that woman is.

While we were out walking, The Godmother taught me the Duck Game, which is so excellent I have to share it. Basically, you take a song or film title or band or whatever, and replace one of the words in it with "duck", and vie to come up with the best one. Eg:

  • Far From the Madding Duck
  • Duck and Prejudice
  • A Duck Too Far
  • Captain Corelli's Duck
  • A Man's A Duck For All That
  • And I Will Arise and Duck Now
  • There's No Duck Like Show Business
  • Gorillas in the Duck
  • I Heard The Duck Call My Name
  • To His Coy Duck
  • Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Duck?
  • The Duck of Venice (Including the much-quoted line: "If you prick us, do we not duck?")
  • The Green Green Duck of Home
  • Home, Home on the Duck
  • I Vow To Thee, My Duck
  • A Duck For All Seasons
  • Another Duck in the Wall (and, of course, Dark Side of the Duck)
  • Last Year's Duck
  • Duck Falling on Cedars
  • I Was A Male Duck Bride
  • Singing in the Duck
  • My Fair Duck
  • Duck of a Salesman
  • Seasons Of My Duck
  • A Short Walk in the Hindu Duck
  • Seven Ducks in Tibet
  • The English Duck
I seem to have gotten a bit carried away... Please do leave any you can come up with in the comments, though!



  1. LOL I love cricket. This was a treat to see. Im rooting England vs Sri Lanka in their test series.

    And hmm.....
    The Black Duck.
    The Cutting Duck.

  2. An excellent game! Tell the GM that she is a veritable duck!

    The Duck in the Striped Pyjamas
    Moby Duck
    Twelve Angry Ducks
    A Duck for all Seasons
    Romeo and Duck
    That well known Scottish play: Macduck
    My Family and other Ducks
    A Room with a Duck
    Duck Whittington

    I could go on... Thanks for the fun!

  3. i love that vintage bridal gown. looks like a lovely exhibit! =)

  4. WOW,that's so cool!!!

  5. haha duck and prejudice. I used to play that game but with Wok like the frying wok :D

  6. This is so funny!
    Maybe you can look at my blog.
    You'll like it :)