Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sun! Sort of

There was about 10 minutes of proper, hot sunlight today. I had almost forgotten that it's technically summer, and how hot it was before all this rubbish weather moved in. 

Today I met up with Whizzkid in London! We had delicious Turkish food for lunch (worth it for the bread and turkish delight alone) and did some serious shopping for his imminent Swedish trip. I didn't buy anything! I'm very proud. 

The most impressive purchase of the day (for me), was this pair of sunglasses:

Whizzkid: from the future
I really quite want some for myself, but then we'd have to text each other every time we wanted to meet up to avoid embarrassment, and that's just too much hassle. Also I already have two pairs. 

Back to work tomorrow, and I've just realised I haven't had supper yet, so I will cut this short for now.



  1. I hope the weather clears up for you! ^^

  2. Shoot me down in flames, but nobody needs more than two pairs of sunglasses - one for each handbag!


  3. I suspect Whizzkid doesn't even have one handbag...