Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Moving swiftly on...

... I'll try to resist the temptation to duck-ify things tonight. Never fear, the legend lives on.

Today I joined the News International choir! They (we now, I guess) rehearse at lunchtime on Tuesdays and sing lots of random different things. Today we sang some choral-y lullaby thing, and a madrigal version of Can't Buy Me Love. The two things I've missed most from my long-ago school days (apart from some very awesome friends, of course) are singing in the choir and badminton. And long holidays, I miss those too.

In other news, it was actually pretty warm today! Which means I get to go from being annoyed at the miserable weather to being annoyed at how hot it now is on the tube. I am not what you'd call a cheerful commuter!

I am trying my best to be responsible with money at the moment (Go Go Savings Account!), which is a shame because I really want some new shoes. And summer dresses. And shirts! So not much, then.

This morning when I got off the train at Waterloo, the train on the platform next to mine was bound for Ascot. Cue lots of morning suits and fabulous hats. Apparently you have to wear a hat to get in or something.

There would have been more but the internet is dying on me. Stupid Sky!


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