Monday, 13 June 2011

Shakespeare unmasked!

The rain seems to have stopped! Although I've probably jinxed it now...

It was quite a quiet day at work, so I got lots of spreadsheeting done. Not very interesting! Thankfully, I wasn't on one of the hotline telephones (the ones they give readers and other deplorable people the numbers for), so it was really quite a quiet day.

The most exciting part of today, in fact, was the letter we got presenting the startling theory that Shakespeare's plays were in fact written by Elizabeth I. Even the ones after her death. Because she had lots of free time, not having a husband, and plenty of stationary. Also her initials (ER) can be found in at least word in the last line of almost every play! You heard it here first.

Some slightly more exciting news is that we might be getting a work experience person of our very own in a couple of weeks! It will be while Cat is on holiday, so I'm sure we can find something for them to do. (Like spreadsheets...)

Going to bed now, as I slightly overslept this morning and am currently sleepy and full of pasta.

Oh, and:

Duck from here

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...I'll stop.



  1. I think you Duck'd all my fave films! xx

  2. hahaha so great! love that