Thursday, 30 June 2011

Minty fresh

Mint green is officially my Colour of the Summer, I've decided. Last year's was bright yellow, rather against my wishes (curse you, Snappy Snaps!), so this is a big improvement! I'm quite excited that it is officially summer now, too. Let's hope there's another heat wave, despite what it does to the tubes. (Also: mmm, spearmint lip balm)

I had a surprise day off today, as I have agreed to work this Sunday, and two 6-day weeks separated by just one day is against my human rights, or something. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables have been purchased. Warm weather makes me want to eat fresh things.

It will be weird going in tomorrow and finding no work experience people. Just when I was starting to get used to them! Having them has been pretty useful, actually, especially the girl (not sure if I should name someone who is unlikely to become a recurring character - could get confusing) who forged ahead with the dreaded spreadsheet for me. Which was lucky, as I have been obsessing about babies recently. Don't worry, I'm not broody. I have to get together all these interviews with readers who have recently had babies, which has proved slightly stressful. I did two phone interviews yesterday, though, so I feel better. It was quite interesting, as one was with a mum and one with a dad. The dad had to look up his son's weight at birth, while the mum could recite how big hers was. Also, I spoke to the mum with the actual baby gurgling away in the background, while the dad had scheduled me into his busy workday.

A man tried to befriend me on the District line yesterday. He was a tourist, of course. Cue much silent contempt from the Londoners in the carriage and awkward coughing from his friends. It seems ten minutes stuck in an unmoving train in a tunnel is the cut-off point between fellow commuters and friends you haven't met yet in the Netherlands. In London, I think it's more like ten days.

Right, must go to bed now, as I sadly have to get up tomorrow.



  1. I want to eat everything in that picture.

  2. I love this color :D just bought skinny pants yesterday in the mint color :)