Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shop til you drop

Otherwise titled What I Did On My Weekend.

Jumanji and I do shopping. Even when we don't have any money, we shop (well, we wander around looking at things and having opinions(loudly)). And I have to say, this weekend was a fine return to form. We started out in Selfridges on Saturday, wandered through the food hall (Jumanji bought some very sparkly cupcakes and we watched a very old, very angry American woman harangue a poor shop assistant (cakes are clearly Serious Business over the pond), and then wandered off to another counter for macaroons and discounted whoopie pies (despite the ridiculosity of the name, they're pretty good - marshmallow and cake should have been brought together before now (and apparently the innovators who first created them are the Amish)) before inspecting what is apparently the World's Largest Gummy Bear) and then visited the famed shoe exhibition. There was a serious scrum of shoppers in a certain scarlet-soled section, but other than that we were free to wander around exclaiming at heels and prices.

Lunch was at Sakura, a very popular Japanese restaurant on Hanover Street. The prices were good, and the food utterly dispelled the myth that Japanese food is healthy. My oyakodon was mostly deep-fried chicken, accompanied by a bowl of miso soup that tasted of nothing so much as Guinness. Jumanji had udon topped with lots of foamy deep-fried tofu. Very tasty all round.

A visit to Portobello market took up most of the rest of the day. I was amazed at the size of it, more than anything (the variety, not so much  - most of the clothes stalls sold pretty much the same thing, ditto hats and makeup, and if you've seen one vintage jewellery stall, you've seen them all). I did manage to find some nice things, though - tights and two necklaces. Could have bought a lot more stuff (and, indeed, Jumanji did! (just kidding, Ji, I like your scarf-hat really)) but I was restrained, sort of. All sorts of people wandering around, too (including the winner of the Second-Scariest Dreads I Have Seen This Week Award (the overall winner was at the Old Bailey on Thursday - they were like ropes, and they just about strangled him before my eyes)).

Today (after much diversion thanks to the Planned Engineering Works that make weekend travel so much fun) we grabbed lunch on the hoof at a Bagel Factory (I was first introduced to this amazing chain in Dublin, and am very, very glad to find them in London) and then set out on a serious search for leggings. Uniqlo proved the winner on this front - reasonable prices and very good quality- and I am now the proud owner of two pairs (for the first time since I was about 7 (no matter what I tell myself about their practicality and winter drawing in, leggings will always make me feel around that age)). Along the way, we went for bra fittings, which was exciting, but bittersweet, as Jumanji thoroughly confused the fitting woman, and I am now traumatised by my own bra size (I won't burden you with the actual size (it'd be far too awful to see it in black and white), but suffice to say the woman laughed when I told her what size I thought I was). We also visited H&M, where Jumanji actually tried to take 10 items plus belt into the fitting rooms (I don't want to be mean in pointing it out, but she didn't plan on buying at least half of them! (and I was pretty much asleep leaning on a clothes rail by this point)).  Most impressively, though, I managed to get a train home without any mishap.

A busy day of subbing awaits, so I'll have to sign off and drop off. Goodnight!

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