Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ramblings and Observations

First, the ramblings! Mostly, I just want to be able to go shopping! I want/need the following:

- Gloves (actually, I'll be buying these as soon as I have any money that's not the bank's - Winter is coming (and if you know where that comes from, you're even cooler than I thought you were (except you, Harold (like the alias? Yes, I'm lazy) I already know how cool you are)).

- A Proper Handbag. There are some specifics: big enough for an A4 pad, my umbrella and my lunch, along with the other sundries of commuter life, preferably leather, smart, hardwearing, practical (I really like the satchel styles around at the moment - they fit in well with the Look I have somewhat organically developed (little black coat (with a little dress or whatever underneath) + either tights/leggings and black kneehigh boots (one of my best ever birthday presents) or jeans and little black ankle boots + hat), mostly through trying to be semi-smart and not having many clothes to confuse myself with).
I have wanted one for about 2 years now, and as the Working World looms ever nearer (fingers crossed), it is becoming even more important that I find one. So much so that I'll probably even be buying one before:

- A new hat! I saw a really cute one in Topshop a while ago: in case you care.

- Another cardigan. Because grannydom just can't come fast enough! (Also because it's cold and I'd like something that's not a hoodie to wear under my coat.

- More boots. Preferably cosy, possibly those fur-trimmed hiking boots that are everywhere. I just want more options for keeping my toes toasty!

- More dresses, tops, blouses, the perfect jeans, diamond-encrusted stilettos etc etc.

How much of this I will actually get around to purchasing remains to be seen. Hopefully at least the first two items on the list, or I am going to be very cold and scruffily disorganised.

And now, some Observations about life in London town:

1. People seems to take it as a personal affront if you sit next to them, especially on public transport. I have the urge to tell them I'm not actually the one responsible for cramming the seats into trains so tightly, but this would break one of the Rules of public transport in these parts - not talking. (I bet you could form an order of undercover contemplative nuns who lived on the tube and no one would notice.)

2. There are some very shouty people who hang around one of the entrances at Waterloo. I haven't been able to make out whether they're selling something or merely venting their frustration at an uncaring world, as they appear to be yelling in a language hitherto unknown to humans.

3. WHERE ARE THE STREET SIGNS? Are councils' budgets really that tiny? Navigation is very difficult because you often have to walk around a corner to find out where you are, at which point you are no longer there and have to start all over again.

4. WHERE ARE THE ATMS IN FARRINGDON? I have only been able to find one, and it's dodgy in the extreme and charges £1.80 per withdrawal. Do I need to join some sort of secret society in order to withdraw my own money? There is also an utter lack of opportunities to get cashback. Why? Is Farringdon a secret outpost of Communism?

5. Why is it people only ever seem to ask you for directions if you're waiting at a bus stop? Is it a sure indication that you're a local? One (possibly Eastern European) man just thrust a scrap of paper with a postcode written on it into my hand and was both disappointed and incredulous when I told him that I was also relatively new to the city (although I was wearing my big furry aviatory hat, so perhaps he thought I was his contact or something).

Must sleep now as it is technically tomorrow.

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