Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The First Post

So, I finally got to the part of my to do list where it says 'Make blog'. Which is exciting. I'm actually quite keen to move on to the next item on the list, which is 'Sleep' (in fact, every other item on the list is 'Sleep' - I've got my priorities right) so I'm going to be brief, with a list of interesting or exciting things that happened today. Call it streamlined blogging, if you will, I promise the next post will be less lazy.

Interesting Or Exciting Things That Happened To Me Today:

1. I found out that the bus is much faster than the tube to get me to Farringdon, where I am at Journalism School. May have won myself an extra ten minutes in bed, so it's exciting for me.

2. I found out that the mysterious invisible water cooler in Journalism School is in fact the vending machine. I was wondering where all those plastic cups were coming from.

3. I found and bought The Skirt. I've wanted a loose, black kneelength skirt to dress up or down for a while now (I came to London with a single suitcase, and am already feeling the sartorial deprivation) and it turns out it was in H&M all along! And for only £13, too. The best thing: it has pockets!

4. A guy tried to chat me up on the underground, and I rid myself of him in under 30 seconds. New record? I know this sounds like an incredibly self-absorbed Interesting Thing (and it is! Mostly because this never happens) but it got me to thinking - if I was in a film, where would that encounter put me? If I was the heroine of a chick flick (and what a chick flick that would be! (In fact, I think that's what they call Art House)), it would be an illustration either of my heroine credentials, or of how far down the pan my life was circling (depending on the attractiveness of the man). In something black and white (and possibly French), it might well be a metaphor for the human condition or something. However, if he was the hero of something indy/trendyish (especially if he was Michael Cera), it would set me up as either unobtainable, or a monumental bitch (or both, those films do both quite frequently, to my bemusement (I mean, yes, you got the girl, well done, but isn't she a horrible, superficial human being?)). Possibly I was a monumental bitch, but if you're going to try to pick up girls on the London Underground, at least shave first (and I have to say, as an opening gambit, "Is that eyeshadow?" is possibly the worst I've heard (except, perhaps, for his attempts with the poor Indian girl across from me ("I was just reading your holey paper over your shoulder, and-". Seriously.)))

5. (Wow, number 4 was long. Must be my predilection for brackets) I made and consumed possibly the best stirfry known to man (and that would be a much better title for a blog!) at about 22:15 this evening. Don't ask me for the recipe, I will mumble at you about burning garlic just right and the merits of low-salt soy sauce.

There you go, five things. Bedtime.

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