Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Ok, so. Not been so great with the updates recently. I’m going to make like an angry letter-writer-in and blame it on Broken Britain. Had an excellent weekend, though. Really enjoyed spending some time with my parents (yes, I’m one of those weird people who is friends with their parents. You see more and more of us about the older everyone gets, but I have been like this for a while (ever since the teenaged screeching and door-slamming stopped, in fact)) and seeing my aunt before she moves to a desert nation I’d never heard of. Also there was an excellent pub lunch, and renewed proof that crème brûlée is my spirit dessert (like a spirit animal, but tastier!) – this one was a white chocolate and raspberry version. (And wasn’t even mine – my father needs to learn the hazards of ordering crème brûlée while sitting next to me, i.e. I will eat it.)

I’m currently writing this during a mock News Writing exam. I know, I know, but I’ve finished with an hour to spare and I’ll get eyestrain if I double-check any longer. After lunch, we get to correct each other’s, a real exercise in trust-building and forging friendships, I don’t think (and not all that helpful, as most of us want a real mark from a real marker), and we will be being put into groups to ensure different perspectives are provided. I suspect it may be because one group proved hilariously bad at it last time, and am very much afraid that I’m going to be stuck with one of the reasons for this, but hey-ho. It’s just like being back at school. 

Still, tomorrow we apparently get to learn interview technique (probably the most magazine-related lesson yet! (although I bet you Mr Hack will find a way to make it all newspapery (no, that’s not his name, yes, it is a bit obvious))) and something else, which sounds nice. Kind of want to do some more shorthand, though – caught myself tracing out my train of thought on my knee on the train this morning. Fairly sure the man sitting opposite me noticed, though how he could tear his eyes from the matching-fleece-and-chinos, sandals-in-October behemoth sitting next to me and moulting all over my coat is anyone’s guess.

Going to print off and conk out now. Look up for more exciting, stream-of-consciousness updates in the future! (Maybe even tomorrow... the Birthday Blog, a 22-year review of planet Earth)

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