Monday, 25 October 2010

More things! (It's late)

I'm the exact opposite of prolific these days, aren't I? Thought I'd better write something to keep this poor little blog alive, so you get the first of many rambling list entries.

In my first ever journalism class, I told everyone that what annoys me most is 'people'. In fact, people in general don't really get to me. It's more specific kinds of people. Therefore, I bring you:

Pet Peeves No. 1: People who don't get off escalators properly.

Yes, this is a pretty pathetic thing to hold a grudge over, but I kept seeing them today.

Now, escalators are one of those sure signs that we are living in The Future (moving stairs! Come on!) but they have been around for a while. Long enough, in fact, for people to learn how to disembark from them properly. But no, there are always some who insist on waiting until the last minute, looks of intense concentration on their faces, before hopping off with a relieved little smirk at the precise instant they reach stationary ground . Not only is this silly (that flat bit at the top? It's so you can get into your stride to step off, and don't need to do any ridiculous bunny impressions), it also inconveniences the person behind them, who would have dismounted perfectly sensibly, had they been given the space to do so, but as the fool in front of them stubbornly occupies it until the last possible moment, they are forced to do likewise, and make that irritating little hop-step or risk falling over. What about the elderly, who need a good run-up in general? Must they risk their ankles because of some precious moron? Yes, apparently.

Rant over, mostly because I'm going to bed. Next time: Grammar Nazis get their comeuppance! (Not really...)


  1. I don't know, we don't have flying cars of jetpacks yet. I'm not sure you can say we're living in the future QUITE just yet.


    Actually, if we did have jetpacks there would still be people who would ruin it for everyone.