Saturday, 30 July 2011


This post is mainly for Jumanji, as she has a special affinity with penguins. Also, I was very excited to see them at Dublin Zoo because there weren't any at London Zoo, which was probably the only disappointment of that trip.

The penguin in the middle with his wings out had just emerged from the water, where he had been putting on a synchronised swimming display. I think he liked the attention. 

Not much else to say for today. I went to work, I worked, at some point I had lunch. Journalism is an exciting business, I promise! It should be quite exciting on Sunday, actually, as we have a surprise full page again and I am also supposed to be learning to put things on the internet (you know, in an official way). I am sure I will be spending plenty of time distractedly searching for interesting internet things (actually part of my job! Along with checking betting websites and looking up saints on Catholic Online) while trying to find good, cut-out-able pictures. 

Both my godmothers are in Woking at the moment and we have spent quite a long time this evening eating crepes and discussing music, men, young people today and so forth. Consequently, I am quite worn out!



  1. Cute pic!

  2. so cute
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