Sunday, 31 July 2011

Milkshake mania

OK, so maybe not that much mania. But it did take us ages to find it!

To start making sense, yesterday Percy and I went on a magical mystery tour to try to find this place:

Picture from here, where there are also reviews
Personally, I blame Percy's smartphone. 

We had just seen Arietty (the new Ghibli film, which was really good. Although Percy complained that there was barely any flying in it) and decided we wanted milkshakes. As we were in Soho (the Curzon cinema is another recommendation, if you happen to be in those parts and fancy watching a film with drink in hand, and maybe a meringue or two), we had to go to the aforementioned diner. The milkshakes are good (and huge), and if you're sitting in the jukeboxes are hours of fun. 

Earlier in the day we had met Whizzkid (actually, Whizzkid and I met up first, and then Percy rucked up an hour or so later, with some lame, just-got-back-to-England excuse) and sat in a park while under aerial attack from a squirrel. If you want to eat conkers, that's fine, but don't drop the skins on people! 

Whizzkid had earlier helped me on a Secret Shopping Mission near Waterloo, where he met a dog that behaved like a cat. There was also a baby in its own backpack tent. 

I'm going to go to bed soon, as being at work all day has made me slightly crazy.


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  1. Ohh, that sounds wonderful. Looks so adorable.