Monday, 15 August 2011

Here, fishy fishy

I made these earrings last week, with extremely awesome fish beads that my parents brought me back from South Africa. Making jewellery is a surprisingly relaxing hobby, apart from the mental strain of coming up with designs. I like these, though - they're the kind of jewellery that cheers you up! 

Although it was Monday today, it felt like Tuesday as I was working yesterday. The upside of this is that I didn't have the same Monday bad mood as everyone else and was positively cheerful by comparison! We had to fill another whole page at rather short notice. In some ways, it's quite good fun to race against the clock, but only when people don't want you to do other things at the same time! All was well in the end, though, and I even got to work in a topical fragment of news from 1819, about the aftermath of the Peterloo massacre. Today's rioters should be glad that the police aren't allowed to bayonet them. 

I have also been given sole charge of a work experience person, as I am going to be the only person in the office who will be in all week! Very nerve-wracking - I think I need to get used to being in charge of people or I will never make it to editor!

I'm off to bed now, another exciting day tomorrow!



  1. You have done a fine job with those beads! What cheerful earrings! They don't look too heavy either. X
    The Lettuce

  2. The Godmother says they are too young for her. Would you like some, though?

  3. So your Monday wasn't like this then:

  4. Ah, such cute earrings, you're talented! :))

    Hope you'll get a chance to visit my blog <3