Sunday, 14 August 2011

The best bit

Look familiar? 
I am going to get back into blogging properly, I promise. Just as soon as things are a bit less hectic at work and I actually get to do fun stuff to tell you about. Until then, I'm afraid snippets are going to have to do.

Tonight I want to mention something incredibly important in my life, as illustrated by the delicious, sadly 2D carrot cake above. Without getting too oversentimental, my family is awesome. My little brother is somewhere in the Pyrenees at the moment, eating horrible blue cheese. And I have just gotten off skype to my parents who, despite the recent swamp-ifying of the sitting room, are just the most incredibly cheerful, cheering people I know. So, even though my vision is starting to go a little bit fuzzy through lack of sleep, I am going to go to bed in a good mood.


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